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Soft bra with front zipper 3051C

Soft bra with front zipper 3051C
Мягкий бюстгальтер с передней застежкой 3051С Мягкий бюстгальтер с передней застежкой 3051С Kudreshov Мягкий бюстгальтер с передней застежкой 3051С
Price: 43.84 EUR

Article: 3051C

Color:   Beige


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Type: Soft bras large size » Soft bras large size seedless

Season: All seasons

Sex: For women

Сomposition: Polyamide 80%, Elastane 10%, Cotton 10%

Country: Lithuania


We can buy a handy bra multifunctional pitted with front zipper large size. This model is different from that of the popular models of 3051 by the presence of cotton inside of the cups . Bras, from size 85, have at 6 fastening hooks !

Due to the special design of the back supports a wide padded shoulder straps allows women easier to bear an additional burden grudi.Idealno suitable for women who have had an operation to correct (increase) in the breast , for a few postoperative months, as it has no rigid frame, which It can damage your new breasts. In addition, it has almost the same structure as the postoperative bra , only more light and beautiful. Bras come in pitted European countries including for older women who are hard to fasten the hooks on the back. The effect of the redistribution of loads on the back allows you to use it as sports bra .

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